This game targets Watery Diarrhea disease that broke out in Sudan in 2017. After analyzing all approaches used by international organizations to raise awareness, we decided to come up with a new approach that can add more value like measuring impact on targeted age groups and popularity among community which will lead to increase level of awareness. The project was executed in three states: Khartoum, Portsudan and Gadarif. Each state has been studied in terms of culture, behaviors and lines of thinking in order to design a customized game for each state. Therefore, three games were designed that includes the same boards and tokens but it’s played differently. Khartoum Game: Players compete to build clean water sources and make it available for citizens after pollution affected clean water sources in Khartoum. Players compete individually to make progress by providing clean water sources and hinder others by putting affected water and food on their ways. Portsudan Game: Players compete by providing safe routes to transport clean water from Portsduan to other states while keep it fresh. Players help each other reach hospital in case one of them got affected. Gadarif Game: Players act like chemists working in a specialized laboratory to analyze a sample of affected water that’s suspected to be Cholera then work on raising awareness regarding keeping clean water and safest ways for water transportation to avoid affection. The three designs mentioned have messages regarding washing hands properly, personal hygiene, keeping spaces clean, methods of protection and how to deal with patients safely.


- Muna Suliman Game Design And Mathemation .

- Omer Kaddam Game Design .

- Soleyma Osman Graphic Design .

- Ala Kheir 3D Design .

- Esraa Abdellatief Painter .


-World Health Organization .

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