It’s an educational game that focuses on improving special skills in kids’ life like innovative thinking, leadership skills and teamwork. In addition to very important personal values like patience, accepting others, respecting order and conversation. It all contributes to raising up a creative and innovative kid.


1. Student unaware of practical and scientific studying techniques.

2. The current educational system doesn’t encourage creativity and innovation

3. Existence of some behaviors that hinder learning which are not addressed in the current educational system

4. Lack of innovative thinking


1. Teaching student effective studying techniques

2. Fostering creative skills and basic thinking skills

3. Correct behaviors that hinder learning

Game activities:

1. Game strategies: Learning studying techniques plus time and subjects management

2. Moving games: Through which behaviors that hinder learning are identified and corrected

3. Mental activities: Activate basic thinking skills and challenge mind


-AlFaisal Cultural Center

-Scientific Innovation Care

-Dar Al-Mustaqbal for Electronic Publishing

-Al-Huda Center