Description: Personal Hygiene and Hand Wash

Abu Jubeiha locality is located in the South Eastern part of South Kordofan State. The locality is about 10,000 km2 in size. The population of the locality was 172,389 people in 2015, dwelling in 157 villages. Due to eruption of the conflict in South Sudan, the locality is hosting more than 4,000 refugees from South Sudan, in addition to 17,000 IDPs arrived from neighboring localities. WizEra conducted research and design games that will be used by the local community to educate about personal hygiene, hand washing, and open defecation through games to help raise awareness and change behavior in society. The WizEra team in cooperation with NIDAA organization designed 2 games for adults and children. Four schools and three villages were targeted:


1. Kareem Primary School

2. Al - Bittera Primary School

3. Maml El - Kur Primary School

4. Abujubaiha Secondary Girls School


1. Dabibih Al Fikhrih Society.

2. Alhajila Society.

3. Quoz Al Kali Society.

The game helped to understand content in a good way by interacting with game cards and motivating the community to change their old habits.


1. Muna Suliman - Game Design and Mathematics.

2. Omer Kaddam - Game Design and researcher.

3. Esraa Abdellateif - Design Art and Test Game Supervisor

4. Ala Khier - 3D Designer

5. Degraphy Studios - Graphic Design & Illustrator.


-NIDAA Organization and Norwegian Church Agency

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