It’s a game about five intellectual persons trying to solve a problem in their professional surrounding by traveling the world, where every one of them tries to achieve personal growth, wealth and power. The epic journey starts with challenges and risks that five intellectuals must go through and sometimes co-operate with each other to solve this problem by passing through compassion, define the problem, design a solution then create a prototype and try it. The game is divided into three stages that each one of them has different style and technique suitable for the stage. The game offers ready tools that help players thinking and achieving the three fundamental stages - compassion, define the problem and design a solution – so the players manage to come up with the best solutions. The game is designed as per customer request where he/she provides the content and we convert it into a game.


-Impact hub khartoum

-Yalla Nbadir

Team Design:

- Muna Sulaiman Game Design and Mathematician

- Omer Kaddam Game Design

- Alaa Kheir 3D Design

- Solyema Osman Graphic Design