Games for Good,

Antibiotics Use

Karmakol Workshop

Games for Good, Antibiotics Use

was held on how to design the board games in cooperation with WizEra & WHO at the International Festival of Karmakol International December 10-16. The workshop aimed to train young people on how to design board games that carry awareness messages to local communities in northern Sudan and change the behavior of members of these communities towards public health and optimal use of antibiotics.


– Explanation of board games values and how to design
– How to integrate issues related to the community in games board values
– Produce innovative solutions for awareness through board games
– How communities’ behavior can be change through playing


– Two different games have been designed to explain the harmful use of antibiotics
– The importance of the board in promoting the prevention of resistant bacteria and the role of designing games in different forms suited to the identity of each region in Sudan
– The need to develop more games in the field of education and health education of local communities

Trainee :

– Muna Sulaiman
– Omer Kaddam




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