Game decision makers in collaboration with GIZ Orgnization

In order to help address the AW rights challenges domestic workers in home, WizEra company was conduct research and design a community gaming which has been used to raise awareness raising

Convert the Khartoum State Act for regulating domestic work into adult game, through the game you can interact with them and understand the rules and laws that apply to domestic workers.

The goal of the game is to create a parallel world of reality that holds all the challenges facing this group in society and how we can understand them. And activating that law by the politicians after they play the game and understand the law.

Team Design:

– Muna Sulaiman Game Design and Mathematician
– Omer Kaddam Game Design
– Alaa Kheir 3D Design
– Mazin Satti Graphic Design
– Esraa Abdellateif Artist




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