Design Thinking Workshop

A game played by four to six educated persons trying to solve a problem within their professional surrounding by playing through three different phases where players try to generate ideas using tools given and to vote for the best idea. The journey starts with empathy with targeted group by using cards that help players to think and have empathy.
Players move to the second phase which is figuring out the problem where method of playing changes and players start using cards only that include action cards and cards with serial questions that help players to analyze and dig deeper with problem solving.
In the third phase players start mixing cards with each other besides using dice that carries a number of illustrations related to cards used and through which they can think and discuss to generate ideas and solutions.

Team Design:

– Muna Sulaiman Game Design and Mathematician
– Omer Kaddam Game Design
– Alaa Kheir 3D Design
– Muhtadi Graphic Design


– Yalla Nbadir



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