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WizEra for game designing is a company founded in July 2016 which specialized in designing board games. We work in designing board games in order to help people making their lives more joyful besides being expert in manufacturing, designing, training, and distributing games in order to create a positive change in the society.
By working in games designing, our ultimate goal is to come up with effective solutions for chronic social problems by adopting brand-new methods in teaching or raising awareness; games are a distinguished factor while dealing with any issue from all dimensions and it stimulates reality in a micro way. Plus, designing according to our customers’ demands, this way we are much closer to hit the target.

Areas of Expertise


our board games are designed to teach children different skills like self-confidence problem solving, analytical thinking, team building, besides, analyzing children behaviors.

  1. A board game platform called Etgan Interactive Platform has been designed which enables children to learn skills which they don’t master in schools like self-confidence, problem-solving, analytical thinking and team building, besides, analyzing children behaviors. At the end of each course, we issue a behavioral report for each kid to recognize the strength and weakness points and skills and talents that kid has. This project has been executed in partnership with Faisal Cultural Center and Scientific Innovation Sponsorship Association, over 700 kids have been trained between 2014 and 2015.
  2.  A board game has been designed which teaches children studying skills in a creative way and analyze children behaviors to define their most favorite way which suits them the most. This project has been executed in partnership with Faisal Cultural Center, over 500 kids have been trained between 2014 and 2015.

Public Health:

  1. We design board games that aim to raise awareness regarding diseases such as the six main diseases (Malaria, Cholera, Mal-nutrition, scab, Whooping cough) and introduce players to causes, methods of transmission, symptoms, complications, and protection. Content has been designed into a board game and children spent wonderful time playing and learning as well. This project has been executed in South Kordofan, Algoz municipality in partnership with Nida’a organization where 325 have been trained in this game.
  2. We designed a health awareness’s board game especially for Cholera disease which targets children and adults raising awareness regarding Cholera disease.


Regarding training, our work is subjected to different notions where we transform and design whole courses into Board Games or Card Games to add fun and come up with brand-new ways for teaching, training and measuring performance.

  1. A design thinking’s board game has been designed where content has been transformed from PowerPoint into Card and Board Games to combine training with playing, learning and fun.
  2. Introduction content regarding Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been transformed into Yard Game which made it easier for trainees to figure out these goals through the game.


The biggest Yard Game to introduce Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been designed on the International Peace Day at Ahfad University

Public Health


working with us

– There is a gap between the targeted communities and the tools used to raise awareness, for example, the use of brochures and posters while most of the societies illiteracy. WizEra provides attractive and innovative games.
– Unlike the other methods;  Games can build a huge network and help speed up the deployment process without the need to be familiar with reading and writing.
– Games change the personal behavior throughout the years
– The games give the possibility of measuring the impact of the games on the users, unlike other tools

– Transforming the training from a theoretical workshop and explaining to a workshop that is closer to pilot-like reality. The game provides you with tools that are similar to reality so that they give players the possibility to play and make mistakes to benefit from their mistakes in learning.
– Improving the means of transferring information and increasing the intake of trainees to the material provided by the practitioner as an attractive, practical and enjoyable game.
– At the end of each training, we provide a report measuring the behavior of the players

– Facilitate the transfer of information and better assimilation of the students through the practice of the material presented in a way that pleases them in teaching and learning

– We are working with an expert in the field of sustainability, Hanan Abdel-Karim, in order to work on communicating the concepts of sustainability for the start-up companies through the games in training workshops or open programs in order to benefit and be able to implement the concepts of sustainability on their projects.
– We also target all national and international NGOs to enable them to apply the concept of sustainability in their employment to get a longer lasting

Our Core Values

  • Active
  • Attractive
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative