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We’re a team of creative and free-thinking board game designers from Sudan.  We founded WizEra in July 2016 with special focus in board games designing, in order to help people make their lives more joyful besides being expert in manufacturing, designing, training, and distributing games in order to create a positive change in the society.

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our board games are designed to teach children different skills like self-confidence problem solving, analytical thinking, team building, besides, analyzing children behaviors.
Public Health
We design board games that aim to raise awareness regarding diseases such as the six main diseases (Malaria, Cholera, Mal-nutrition, scab, Whooping cough) and introduce players to causes
The biggest Yard Game to introduce Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been designed on the International Peace Day at Ahfad University.
Our work is subjected to different notions where we transform and design whole courses into Board Games or Card Games to add fun and come up with brand-new ways for teaching
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Innovative Games
The real pleasure in the world of games is that it allows you to live in the past, present or future
Muna Suliman
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The power we have in turning all ideas into fun games stems from the strength of our faith in ourselves and the team. We just make people life easier through Games.
Omer Kaddam


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Watery Diarrhea game
The game helped increasing awareness from 20% to 70%
Etgan platform
During two years of training, Etgan platform managed to improve positive children behavior through board games 91%
Capable Youth Program
Wizera’ games represented 40% of the designed content in the Capable Youth Program that organized by Yala Nbadir association. Through these games, Wizera managed to analyze and uncover positive and negative behavior of players as well as directing their current and future ideas 83.3% the thing that helped trainees put their lives in order and set suitable plans for their careers.
Karmakul’s Traders Game
Design Thinking Game
Cholera Santos Game